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Changing Your Chuckit


This fetch toy is the right alternative to taking part in fetch with a regular stick. Wooden sticks may be harmful for canines to catch and chew This comfortable, non-toxic rubber stick is simple on your dog’s teeth, whether you’re playing fetch or tug. It is simple to throw and enjoyable to catch; it bounces in lots of different ways so it keeps your dog guessing!

If you use a ball as a fetch toy, make sure it’s bigger than your dog’s throat so it can’t be swallowed or get lodged behind their back teeth and block their airway. Tooth damage is one reason why regular tennis balls are not a good fetch or chew toy option .

Chuck It Dog Toys – What’s It?

The bright orange hue makes it easy to spot—even in tall grass. And the Ultra Ball floats in water, so she can fetch it from a lake, too. Since 1998, this brand of dog toys has been very much loved by dogs and the range of balls, rings and fetch toys has grown immensely. This medium sized ball by Chuckit is a safe alternative to regular balls that can be a choking hazard during games of fetch.

He’s hilarious to watch, chasing it around the garden and it bangs off everything with such force sometimes that pots have been cracked. I make allowances for that chuck it balls large as he gets so much fun out of the ball. I always supervise him/play pawball with him and limit the amount of time to about 20 minutes per playtime with it.

Just How To Fix Chuckit Dog Toys

The plastic is lightweight but sturdy enough to withstand play with your dog. It uses standard tennis balls, but it also comes with one proprietary ball.

The verdict here is, tug toys are better for competition and solo play, but balls are better for durability and outdoor play. Does your dog make it his mission to destroy any toy that’s put in front of him? It’s the perfect different for conventional tennis balls, and will not depart countless bits of fluff all through the house. As a dog owner, you’re probably aware of how hard it can be to find the perfect toy. You want to find something that’s fun, engaging, not too hard, and also durable enough that your pet won’t shred it the instant they get their paws on it.

Exactly how bad tennis balls are for dog teeth is debated among veterinary specialists. Some say that unless your dog is a ball fanatic and chews for hours at a time, you probably don’t need to worry about dental issues. But when combined with the previous concerns, it paints the picture of a dog toy that should be used with caution. This ball launcher is collapsible, making it easy to carry around and transport.