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Top Barbershops in Kyiv

Top Barbershops in Kyiv

Kiev’s barbershop culture is very popular. Kiev is home to a variety of top-quality barbershops that offer cutting-edge haircuts, a clean style, and a strong handshake. It is a growing industry that has begun to catch on in the last few years, and is now a major draw for both visitors and locals alike. There is a huge selection of haircuts and prices, as well as various atmospheres and styles.

BRAZOR Barbershop

If you live in Kyiv and want to have a haircut, you should try BRAZOR Barbershop. It’s a great option for both men & women and offers excellent service. It provides services such as dovol’ny cuts or express services.

Located in the center of Kyiv, BRAZOR Barbershop is a popular spot for men to gather and socialize. The staff speaks English well and provide a variety games to keep customers entertained. They even have a television to watch sporting events. Customers can also socialize in the barbershop after having their haircut. This is an 4.6 out five stars barbershop.

This high-end barbershop in Kyiv offers professional haircuts and beard trimmings. The barbers are highly skilled and employ Vidal Sassoon London methods to cut hair. Customers can also get discounts for repeat customers, and mind games to keep them entertained. There are four salons in Kyiv.

In addition to the classic haircuts as well as the traditional haircuts, you can also have an alcoholic drink in the comfortable lounge. The staff speaks fluent English, and they welcome new customers. Friendly service and affordable prices are what you can expect. Male haircuts can cost as low as UAH 250 (USD9). That’s about $9.


At VOSK barbershop Kyiv you will receive a quality hair cut and styling by a team comprised of professionals. They are knowledgeable about the nuances of men’s hair and are prepared to take full responsibility for your image. Every client’s preferences are taken into account when designing a hair salon.


ALDOBARBERS’ team visited the city of vroeski areroa and decided they would start the ALDOBARBERS channel. The channel lets viewers see ALDOBARBERS in an entirely new way. It is a look at the real life of Ukraine and the history of the team.

The barbershop provides full-services for men living in the Kiev area. It is located in the center of Kiev. It is situated close to Mikhailivs’ka and Pushkins’ka aswell as Strilets’ka and Instituts’ka. The barbershop

is available for all hours of the day, seven days a week.

Aldobarbers Barbershop & School is an ideal spot for barbering enthusiasts. This barbershop specializes mezhdunarodnaia. It has 130 barbershops as well as a barber school. Its customers include celebrities and businessmen and people who simply want a great haircut.


Lumberjack is an Kyiv hair salon that welcomes both women and men to get their hair cut and styled. The barbers here utilize Vidal Sassoon London techniques. The staff is trained and will be sure to give you a quality cut. They also offer mental games and discounts for customers who are regular customers. The shop has four locations in Kyiv. Kyiv.

Lumberjack is among the few barbershops in Kyiv that offer high-quality hair cuts. Barbers here understand that people are concerned about how their hair looks and feel, and strive to create an environment that is relaxed and professional. The barbers here ensure high-quality cuts and the perfect combination of style and comfort.

Barbershop Lumberjack is located in an upscale neighborhood in the city’s centre. It is close to the vulitsia Ivana Kudri and bul’var Druzhbi Narodiv. The staff speaks English and is welcoming to visitors.


If you’re a Parikmakher in Kyiv and are looking for a place to get a fabulous haircut, consider visiting BRAZOR barbershop in Kyiv. The barbershop is an excellent location to get a haircut or otlichnyi service.

The popular barbershop can be located at Baseina Street, 19 in Kyiv. Based on 206 verified customer reviews the shop has a rating 4.6 out of 5 stars. Before you schedule an appointment, it’s recommended to bring a photo of the haircut you want so that your stylist will have an idea of what you’d like.

Barbers in Kyiv are highly skilled at their jobs. Visit Kyiv’s barbershop to provide you with a fresh appearance, the best haircut, and a firm handshake. The barbers are well-trained and use techniques that are derived from Vidal Sassoon London to give you a stunning haircut. Regular customers will often receive discounts. Mind games can also be included to make the experience more enjoyable. There are many barbershops in Kyiv, but each one offers a different atmosphere and a variety of prices.

In addition to providing a premium haircut, BRAZOR also offers an staff who are fluent in English. They speak English fluently and are a great option for men who want to change their look or maintain an existing one.

BRAZOR on Pushkinskaya

The BRAZOR salon located on Pushkinskaya does not provide the usual hair-styling services. The salon’s masters work meticulously and pay attention to every little detail. They have transformed the salon into a symbol of modern-day society. The guests come here for emotional rest and heart-to heart conversations.

At ten in the evening, Kyiv buzzes with nervous energy. Cider is being consumed on the streets and by the river. Traffic is moving faster , and yellow lights are being

used to warn drivers. Uber is a better choice than a local taxi for those who are not competent to drive.

Reynolds and his family sought refuge at the subway station close to Theateralna after the shelling began. They were capable of showing his children the areas that Russian strikes had hit in Kyiv. Reynolds was unable to find an armed vehicle in Kyiv for two days, however, he was informed of the distribution of weapons in Hostomel close to an airfield in which Russian forces recently fought. He rode his bicycle to the area. However, he was stopped at an army checkpoint.

The city’s rapid growth began in the beginning of the Soviet era. The city’s development was accompanied by the establishment of the State Aviation Museum. Its population was growing rapidly and there were countless new buildings, as well as numerous old buildings. In only a few decades the city had grown from a small town to a major city.