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Ongoing Console projects are the following:

Terms of payment
Project: Console Samgori

Down payment 20%

Until December 2026, the remaining value is fully or partially distributed without interest.

Payment is made in national currency according to the official bank exchange rate.

It is also possible to take advantage of Liberty Bank’s mortgage loan.

Mortgage loan without proof of income, initial contribution 20%
With confirmation of income – 15%
For immigrants – initial contribution 30%

Liberty Bank is the partner of the current project Console Samgori, which offers the following preferential conditions for the mortgage loans:

Mortgage loan without proof of income with 20% down payment;

With the proof of income with 15% down payment;

For the immigrants with 30% down payment.

Apartments in Konsoli Samgori are available in green frame, cosmetically renovated condition.

Which includes:

electricity points in every room;

complete plumbing;

heating pipes.

The apartment in Konsoli Samgori will be handed over for renovation in December 2026.

In the construction process, a 9-chamber energy-efficient block and a metal composite panel are used. We use: technogranite tiles, natural travertine stone and tempered glass for facing the facade. The building is plastered with the highest quality anti-allergic material – giper.


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